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How To PAUSE Your Membership

Need to take time off training? We make it easy!

Membership Pause


The Pause & Pay option works great for most situations. Once we arrange to Pause your account, you will NOT lose even 1 day of paid training time!

Details: With the Pause & Pay option you can temporarily stop your training for whatever reason and then return when you are ready. Your ongoing Monthly Membership Payments are CREDITED for every FULL MONTH that you do not attend (partial months can not be credited). These credits are then applied to the end of your membership agreement for you to use at that time. Make sure you contact us as soon as you foresee a need to pause because we can not backdate pauses for months you did not attend without talking to us!



The Membership Extension is to assist those with financial hardship. The path of martial art and fitness training is for sure difficult! All of our members experience different types of difficulties during ongoing training. That is normal, and most successfully deal with those problems while still achieving their training goals! We respect that because the instructors of the Cove Leadership Team also deal with difficulties, some quite significant, to provide everyone consistent weekly training. However, if you find that it is significantly difficult to honor your agreement and need assistance, we want to help you with our Membership Extension option.

Details: We can meet you more than halfway with our Membership Extension of only $50 per month per person on the account. You can NOT TRAIN during a membership extension. This simply extends your agreement for every $50 paid and is NOT CREDITED. Membership extensions are calculated for each FULL MONTH of non-training (partial months can not be extended).


  • With 6 months left on Membership Agreement. Feb 1st to Jul 31st.
  • On Jan 15th Request Extension & pay $50 Extension Fee.
  • February Extended. No training allowed in February.
  • 6 months still left on Agreement with new end date = August 31st.

Make sure you contact us as soon as you foresee a need for a Membership Extension because we can not backdate extensions for months you did not attend without talking to us!


NOTE: $30 Late Fee:

As per the Membership Agreement there is a $30.00 fee for returned or late items (NSF, Credit Card Declines, Etc.).