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How To CANCEL Your Membership

Cancelations & Buy Outs

Please consider this…

We would be remiss in our Coaching Duties if we did not communicate the following…

When you or your family decided to begin training, you obviously had some significant reasons to invest the time, energy and money! Significant goals you wanted to achieve! We encourage you to go ahead and achieve those goals and beyond! We would like to set up a meeting to discuss your problems with one of our instructors with a focus on finding solutions to stay on track with your training and your goals!

Lastly consider the true value of your training! There is no better investment than investing in your SELF! Your mental focus, motivation, a high energy and fit body along with the warrior mindset of “nothing can stop me” will change everything in your life! If you are having difficulties in life, there is no better solution than empowering yourself! 

Following are Cancel Options:


This option only applies if your membership term has been completed. For example, you have completed 12 months of a 12 month membership agreement, your membership may be canceled with at least 30 days notice prior to the next payment date by sending email to Cancel@WarriorsCove.com and obtaining email confirmation.

Make sure you contact us as soon as you foresee a need to cancel because we can not backdate a cancel for months you did not attend without talking to us!

If you have remaining months due on your membership agreement, then you have option #2 below. However, keep in mind MEMBERSHIP PAUSE OPTIONS are better for most in this situation. See details at WarriorsCove.com/Pause .


OPTION 2. 50% Buy Out (No Credit)

The path of martial art and fitness training is for sure difficult! All of our members experience different types of difficulties during ongoing training. That is normal, and most successfully deal with those problems while still achieving their training goals! We respect that because the instructors of the Cove Leadership Team also deal with difficuties, some quite significant, to provide everyone consistent weekly training. However, if you find that it is significantly difficult to continue your agreement we will meet you halfway with our 50% Buy Out option.

Details: Pay 50% of Remaining Due on your Membership Agreement. Pay 50% in one lump sum, or you can make payments on this 50% by paying at least 50% of your normal monthly payment. Confirm that you want to do a Buy Out by sending email to Cancel@WarriorsCove.com and obtaining email confirmation.


  • With 6 months left on Membership Agreement. Feb 1st to Jul 31st.
  • Normal Monthly Payments = $297 so x6 Months = $1782 Due
  • One Time 50% Payment of $891 to Buy Out or…
    • On Jan 15th Request Buy Out with payments & Pay $148.50 per month
    • 50% Buy Out completed in July with six monthly payments of $148.50 = $891 Total

Make sure you contact us as soon as you foresee a need for a Buy Out because we can not backdate Buy Outs for months you did not attend without talking to us!


NOTE: $30 Late Fee:

As per the Membership Agreement there is a $30.00 fee for returned or late items (NSF, Credit Card Declines, Etc.).