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Competition Training! Go For The Mundials or Train For The UFC!

Although most or our members do not compete (they train primarily for self-defense and fitness), those who do compete continue to prove the effectiveness of our training! Many of the competition wins listed below are from members training in our reality based fighting class (MMA-BJJ-Kickboxing) which is NOT focused on competition. That is significant because reality based training provides (and requires) more comprehensive training than sport training! Because of this, many Cove competitors excel in multiple forms of competition AND real self defense fighting rather than accepting a more limited approach to martial art training.

However, for those that want to focus more on Sport MMA (UFC), Sport BJJ (Mundials or NAGA) or Sport Kickboxing, the Warrior’s Cove Competition Team is a great place to learn how to prepare for these sporting events! Training for the UFC is a huge challenge that requires expert guidance, especially if you are not already a wrestling, BJJ or kickboxing champion. If you are just starting out, and if you want to compete in MMA events such as the UFC, gym training under qualified MMA instructors (not MMA recruiters) that know how to train you safely from beginner to expert level is very important!

Training For Everyone – Not Just The Champions!

The Warrior’s Cove gyms provide specialized Competition Team training for those who want to compete at a professional level, or for those who just want to train with the pro’s in competition level training. 

Experts will enjoy the highest level MMA technique available today, and beginners will enjoy our revolutionary MMA training system that will guide them to the highest levels while avoiding the injuries and mistakes found in so many BJJ-MMA-UFC gyms today! 

We do NOT show favoritism to wrestling or striking champions recruited to represent a team like some gyms do. We have trained champions that started with NO PREVIOUS TRAINING! Everyone that works hard is given a shot! Even those that don’t want to compete but just want to train with the team are welcome!

Start Your Training For UFC-MMA-BJJ Now!

We won’t make you wait for years like some gyms do. After only a few months of training, you will be qualified to begin your Competition Team training at the Cove! By beginning early you will be well prepared by the time you enter professional competitions! BJJ-MMA-UFC gym training can be dangerous! We keep the training safe and effective for everyone. You want to remain healthy so you can compete at your full potential for years to come!
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If you are interested in taking one or more classes at the Warrior’s Cove, you may visit to observe the classes. We have a seating area for visitors. You may also participate in one free class – in each program that we offer.  You will find our instructors and the other members to be friendly, informative, and supportive. Simply fill out the GET YOUR FREE TRIAL form above to get started today!

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