** Testimonials are personal experiences. Results will vary based on participation and time in training.
Kids & Family MMA-BJJ-Kickboxing Training!

Family Martial Arts for Kids & Parents in Minneapolis & St. Paul MN!

Complete Self-Defense, Fitness and Life Skills for Children!

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Train Martial Arts As A Family Or Drop Your Children Off!

The Family Mixed Martial Arts Program provides similar training as our adult MMA program, however, it is optimized for children & young teenagers. It also allows parents to train in the same class as their children if they want to. Instructors pair adults with adults, and children with children. Only those adults with their own children in the class are allowed to participate.

However, parents have the option of just watching the classes, or simply dropping off their children until class is over. We understand family schedules need to be flexible, so attend as many or as few classes as you like every week!

Our Kids Martial Arts Teaches Important Life Skills!

This class provides a friendly, safe and enjoyable format of comprehensive training for children at least 7 years old and above. The training has a very strong emphasis on safety.

Every parent wants the best for their children, and to prepare them for all the challenges that they will face in the future. Effective self-defense skills are certainly important in today’s world full of undesirable people.  However, the long term benefits of our children’s curriculum provides much more than just self-defense skills.

Our program develops essential skills and attitudes in preparation for the many physical and psychological challenges they will face during the rest of their lives! The following key traits will have a massive impact on their future success and happiness…
  • The confidence & self-esteem to take on new challenges, expect the best from themselves, and to ignore negative peer pressure, drugs, and other unhealthy influences.

  • The habit of being physically active and fit, and the self esteem fitness provides both socially and in athletics. 
  • The habit of setting and achieving goals, and balancing work (training) and play (fun time).

  • The focus and discipline to keep going and succeed in whatever they have decided to achieve. Overcoming the habit of quitting, and turning the fear of failure into a fun process of learning.
  • Social skills including communication, listening, giving and receiving, courtesy and respect.
  • Leadership skills (at advanced levels) including taking responsibility, being organized, being a good example, speaking to and leading a group.

  • Real self defense skills that provide confidence and, if needed, skills for staying safe if they have to deal with school yard bullies, excessive peer pressure, or other situations that require real self-defense skills.
  • Honor, which is simply doing what is right. This includes knowing how to properly use the martial art training, and most importantly, knowing when NOT to use it and simply walk away. Also, confidence should not produce arrogance, but the ability to show respect to others, and to help others.

Most parents do everything they can to teach these life skills to their children. It’s not an easy task because this type of education is not found in our schools. Schools tend to focus on knowledge for a career, not skills for a life. It’s not found on our football, soccer or little league fields either. Team sports tend to focus on how to win a game, not how to win in life. Teaching your child the life skills of goal setting, focus, discipline, confidence, courtesy and honor, at a young age, will have a massive impact on the level of success and happiness he or she enjoys in later life.  

Adult Martial Arts Curriculum For Parents!

Parents train with the other parents in class, with the normal adult MMA-BJJ-Kickboxing curriculum. This training has a very strong emphasis on safety. You will not be required to do anything that you are not ready for! In addition, parents can also get extra training in the adult’s only MMA-BJJ-Kickboxing classes at no extra charge!

Selecting The Best Family Martial Arts School For You!

If you are in the process of selecting a school, we encourage you to carefully compare, and find the best school for you. We suggest that you read the “Our Advantages” section to learn about the many important advantages our school & programs provide to you.

Selecting The Best Martial Arts Class For You!

You are welcome to take one FREE class in each program we offer, to see which one is best for you. Details of each program is listed under the “Classes” menu.

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"Five Star" Reviews For The Kid's & Family Class! *

“Very impressed at the number of adults you had available to help facilitate the kids..”

“The training offered by you is some of the best I have ever experienced. The format you use for the kids class seems to work really well. I was surprised at how seamlessly mine fit in. I was also very impressed at the number of adults you had available to help facilitate the kids, and their willingness to make the work fun. I believe that having them involved in a high quality, Gracie-based system at this young age will produce payoffs that will not be seen for years to come. I just want to take a few minutes to say that I am very impressed with the way you run your business. I can see that you plan to grow your academy, but are being very careful to grow smarter instead of faster. That is a credit to you. I have been involved with several instructors that used the buy-a-belt and get rich quick methods of martial arts training. I saw none of that at your school.”
Ray Guest – Family MMA & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student.

“He won 4 matches within 10 seconds, & the championship by dominating a bigger kid…”

“As the Training Coordinator for the defensive tactics and use of force for our department, I’ve encountered dozens of styles and systems of defense. The simple truth is that in police work, as well as your typical bar fight, the altercation ends up on the ground about 70% of the time. These are FBI statistics that remain constant year after year. To survive and overcome a situation like this, you need training that focuses on simplicity, realism, and proven methods. This is the training you will get at the Warrior’s Cove. The staff is respectful, helpful and eager to see you make progress. Their system of martial arts cross training is by far the most enlightened I’ve come across in my 11 years of law enforcement.”

“Jacob [Kent's Son] won two gold medals at the March Madness Judo Tournament. He fought 5 times (4 different opponents) and won all his matches. He won his weight division AND an expanded division of more experienced kids. He won four matches within 10 seconds, and the championship one by dominating a bigger kid on the ground. His groundwork was clearly superior and I was asked by a lot of people as to where he trains. I was sure to mention and credit Warrior’s Cove for his ground work.”

“In April he again won 1st place at the USJA State Championships!”

“In May Jacob took 1st place in his weight division.  He also won a 3 place in the 12 year old light weight group (Jacob is 9 years old). He had 6 fights and won 4 in this division. Again, his groundwork stood out as he reversed a hold-down by an experienced opponent who weighed 25 pounds more than him and held him for the required 25 seconds for a win. Against another twelve year old he reversed him twice and the crowd went nuts! Unfortunately, he ended up losing to him just because of the age and experience. When Jacob took his award after this the crowd gave him a long ovation. This was the USJI State Championships. He now qualifies for the Junior Olympics this July in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for the training.”
Deputy Kent Mueller - Family & Adult MMA & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student. Officer of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department. Self-Defense Instructor for the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department.

“My son goes to Warriors Cove with me and LOVES IT!”

“Warriors Cove provides people with the ultimate opportunity to learn the best martial arts training available. The instructors have exceeded my expectations, which were already high because my instructors in my last martial art were fantastic. The environment is safe and friendly. Students care about each others safety and want to help each other learn. My son goes to Warriors Cove with me and LOVES IT! If you want to learn a martial art, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice to not give Warriors Cove a try.”
R.J. Nord – Family MMA & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student. 3 years of Tai Chi and Kung Fu experience. Graduated number one in his class in the Navy while studying in the Intelligence Field. Served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Graduated from Bethel University with a 4.0 GPA with a Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Leadership. Happily married for eight years with one son and daughter.

“The instructors are irreplaceable.” 

“I wanted to say thanks for all that you do.  The school is great and the instructors are irreplaceable.”  
Brian Dismang -  Family MMA & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student – Father of Family MMA Class Child.

“Evan spoke about how ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ the instructors are…”

“Evan spoke about how ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ the instructors are and that he was always excited to show me new moves or improved moves that the instructors showed him how to make better.”
John Composto – Father of Family MMA Class Child.

*Testimonials are personal experiences. Results will vary based on participation and time in training.