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If you are interested in training at the Cove, below is important information for you!

Tips For Training!

Start Your Training The Right Way!

Your success is very important to us. The following will accelerate your progress and ensure your training at the Warrior’s Cove provides you everything you want!

  1. Set specific days and times to attend. Numerous studies have consistently shown that setting a specific schedule for training greatly increases the likelihood of success by 40-60% over those with no schedule.

  2. Talk to the instructor on duty. Introduce yourself to the head instructor and let him or her know you are new in class so they can give you extra help during your first few classes.  In addition, always remember that your questions are welcome and you should always ask the instructor or assistant instructor if you have any problems or questions.

  3. Sign the Attendance Computer.  This is very important so we can track your progress. The attendance computer is located in the front lobby of each Warrior’s Cove.

  4. Talk to your training partners. In class, if the instructor pairs you up with a training partner, it is normal to let your partner know what you need. You can ask them to go slower or faster, move into a position that is better for you, or whatever else you need.

  5. Enjoy the training. A common misconception is that effective training can not be enjoyable. The reverse is true. When you enjoy the training, you are much more likely to continue and succeed. Of course, at some point you will meet difficulties. Something in the class or in your life will make training more difficult. This is where most fail. Rather than quit, simply take the time to do what needs to be done to get your training back on track. Don’t let short term discomfort defeat you from achieving what you want! For many, the first few weeks of training are the most difficult during the initial learning process and as the body adapts to the training.

  6. Go at your own pace. A common mistake is for new members to train too hard or fast which can result in you tiring out before the class is over, or you might stress a muscle or joint. During warm ups and training, go at your own pace and take breaks if needed. Let the body adjust to the training over the first few weeks and months. If you ever feel that you have over trained your body, go ahead and take some time off and return when you are ready.
  1. Train safe. Always do new moves slow to learn them safely, and listen to the instructor to learn how to do everything safe. Again, let your partner know if you need them to go slower or change anything you feel may be unsafe. 
  1. Don’t judge too soon. Some classes will be easy and others more difficult. Attending only one or two classes will never give you a good overview of what a class has to offer.  Generally, the lesson plan changes weekly, and only after 3-4 weeks can you get a good feel for how the class operates. In addition, as you progress, the level of your training partners will also progress, which in turn will improve the training for you.
  1. Support your training. Drink lots of water, eat well, and get lots of rest to meet the demands of training. These three activities will make a huge impact, either positive or negative, not only on your training but your daily life as well!
Selecting The Best Class!
Remember, the following classes are available to you. Details of each program is listed under the “Classes” menu. Below is a short summary of our main classes.
  • Mixed Martial Arts! We offer a revolutionary approach to Mixed Martial Arts that you won’t find anywhere else!  Our MMA program seamlessly incorporates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and combat-proven techniques from other styles, so you can learn everything you need to know about real fighting and self-defense in one class!
  • Women’s Self Defense! We have FREE Women’s Self Defense seminars that you can attend every month for developing effective self defense skills far beyond what can be achieved in any one-time self defense seminar!

  • Kid’s & Family Classes! Our Kids & Family MMA-BJJ classes develop discipline, fitness and self defense skills for children, and they offer a convenient training time for parents!

  • Fitness Kickboxing! Tired of boring gym workouts or videos? Experience the “burn” of our 800+ calorie per hour Fitness Kickboxing workouts that are both fun and safe! Learn how to kick, punch and move while getting in shape! This is not a sparring class so no one will be kicking or punching at you.

  • Eskrima! Reality based Eskrima weapons training including stick, knife, empty hand fighting & more! A great program for law enforcement officers to learn how to disarm attackers, and also how to best use their batons or similar weapons. This program is open to everyone (not just law enforcement).

  • And More! We also provide Competition Team training for those who want to compete at a professional level, Training Seminars by top world champions, One-on-One Training with a Cove Instructor for the ultimate method of accelerated training, and Instructor Programs to lean how to become a martial art instructor in one or more of the systems offered at the Warrior’s Cove!