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For over 30 years the Warrior’s Cove has provided the highest quality instruction for men, women, and children in a variety of self-defense, fitness and competition level programs. We maintain a friendly & safe training atmosphere, with clean & modern training facilities, in the Minneapolis & Saint Paul area. Our martial art schools in Minnesota are located in Saint Louis Park (serving West Minneapolis area), Burnsville (South Minneapolis) and Little Canada (Saint Paul).

Our Martial Arts Classes Are Optimized For Everyone!

Our classes are designed for everyone! Our new members range from the total beginner, to professional fighters and high ranking martial art instructors. Everyone starts at a level appropriate for their existing skills, and advances at their own pace. No matter what your skill level or fitness level, our instructors will make your transition into class easy and enjoyable! Click Here if you want to read over 150 Reviews from Warrior’s Cove Members!

Selecting The Best Martial Arts School For You!

If you are in the process of selecting a martial arts school, we encourage you to carefully compare, and find the best school for you. We suggest that you read the “Our Advantages” section to learn about the many important advantages our schools & classes provide to you.

Selecting The Best Martial Arts Class For You!

You are welcome to take one FREE class in each program we offer, to see which one is best for you. Details of each program is listed under the “Classes” menu. Below is a short summary of our main classes.

  • Mixed Martial Arts! We offer a revolutionary system of training for our MMA Classes that you won’t find anywhere else! It has been refined by over 40 years of testing and training!! Our MMA program seamlessly incorporates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and combat-proven techniques from other styles, so you can learn everything you need to know about real fighting and self-defense in one class!
  • FREE Women’s Self Defense! We offer Free Level 1 Women’s Self Defense Seminars! We also  have Free Ongoing Seminars in Women’s Self Defense for developing effective self defense skills far beyond what can be achieved in any one-time self defense seminar!

  • Kid’s & Family Classes! Our Family Martial Arts Classes For Kids & Parents develop discipline, fitness and self defense skills for children, and they offer a convenient training time for parents!

  • Fitness Kickboxing! Tired of boring gym workouts or videos? Experience the “burn” of our 800+ calorie per hour Kickboxing Workouts that are both fun and safe! Learn how to kick, punch and move while getting in shape! This is not a sparring class so no one will be kicking or punching at you.

  • And More! We also provide Competition Team training for those who want to compete at a professional level, Training Seminars by top world champions, One-on-One Training with a Cove Instructor for the ultimate method of accelerated training, and Instructor Programs to learn how to become a martial art instructor in one or more of the systems offered at the Warrior’s Cove! 

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If you are interested in taking one or more classes at the Warrior’s Cove, you may visit to observe the classes. We have a seating area for visitors. You may also participate in one free class – in each program that we offer.  You will find our instructors and the other members to be friendly, informative, and supportive. Simply fill out the GET YOUR FREE TRIAL form above to get started today!

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